1/12th Scale Miniature Dollshouse Dolls Tradespeople by Ann Lucas

The following dolls are in stock and may be purchased by email, phone or post.   Please quote the code number shown.  If you can't see the doll you require,
I accept commissions, making to your requirements from photos, pictures or descriptions.   I can make variations of the dolls shown in other colours.
If the doll is marked as SOLD, it can still be ordered.  
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1/12th Scale

Shopkeeper T01

Young shop man in brown trousers,
tweed waistcoat, white shirt and brown
tie with white shirt, half-apron and cap.
Brown leather shoes.

Fixed head on waist-length torso with
half-length arms and legs (poseable).


~~~ SOLD but orders taken ~~~

Pedlar Lady T04


Elderly lady in patterned dress, white
apron and red fur-trimmed cape and 
bonnet tied with red silk ribbon.
Carrying tray of assorted haberdashery.

Fixed head on waist-length torso
with half-length arms and legs.


~~~ SOLD but orders taken ~~~

Postman -T05

Young Postman in blue suit edged with red piping with brass buttons, matching hat and leather bag.
Black leather shoes.

Fixed head on torso with
half-length arms and legs





Carpenter T06

Older man dressed in brown trousers, 
cream shirt, tweed waistcoat and 
brown leather apron with neckscarf.

Fixed head on torso with
half-length arms and legs.


~~~ SOLD but orders taken ~~~

Chimney Sweep T07

Man in black trousers, cream shirt, black and white check waistcoat, red spotted neckerchief and black jacket.
Black leather belt with buckle and 
black leather shoes.   Tweed cap.

Holding sweep's brush set.


~~~ SOLD but orders taken ~~~

Decorator on Ladder T08

Man in check shirt and brown tie and
white cotton dungarees with white
button fastenings.  Mousey brown hair.
Brown leather boots.
Standing on working step ladder
with pot of paint and paint brush.

Swivel head on shoulder plate with
half-length arms and legs.